Citizens for a State Bank of Washington was created to express popular support for the creation of a Public Bank in the State of Washington.

The Big Four Banks, and the big banking system have caused financial ruin in this country through their practices of greed and corrupt financial instruments.  Allowing that the one state in our Nation which has had a Public Bank since 1919 (North Dakota), is the state least effected by the financial turmoil of the past decade, it is clear that a State Bank would be in the best interest of our state's economy.  For an analysis on the pros and cons of a state bank in Washington please refer to this study.

Bills have been proposed in the House and Senate by Representatives of Washington State, HB3162, HB1320, HB2040, SB6310, and most recently HB2434 which would establish a fund, called the Washington Investment Trust (WIT), that would begin to establish a state bank of Washington to be controlled by elected officials.  Although this bill did not pass in the 2011 legislative session, the Speaker created a task force chaired by Rep. Bob Hasegawa to make a new proposal for 2012.

Please take some time to explore the resources on this site and see if you would add your support in favor of the Task Force's goal.  Once enough signatures are gathered, they will be forwarded to the Legislators, Representatives and Committees involved in passing such a bill.

Thank you,

Citizens for a State Bank of Washington